Our Strategic Partners

When you partner with the Information Security Agency as your information security specialists, you not only get our expert staff, but you also reap the benefits of the strategic alliances and partnerships we have nurtured throughout the years. Their support helps us to support you better.


Please check back occasionally, as our partner list continues to grow.


Our partners include:


Antelope Valley Institute of Technology (AVTech) / Antelope Valley Computer Learning Center (AVCLC), Lancaster, CA


Located on the newly remodeled Lancaster Boulevard, AVTech offers a host of Information Technology courses and certification training.  Courses range from Introduction To Computers and CompTia A+ Certified Service Technician, to Microsoft and Information Security certifications.  The dynamic instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom, giving the student an interesting, and 'hands-on' perspective of the concepts presented.




Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce - Inland Empire Chapter


The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce (SCBCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) business  organization dedicated to improving the economic environment for the minority business community, and fostering business development and prosperity. The SCBCC focuses its efforts on four major areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Community Development
  • Public Policy
  • Membership Services


The SCBCC invests financial and other resources to implement relevant programs for members and which affect the orderly growth and development of the community. It is the catalytic agency that brings together all of the forces, public and private, through which common goals can be resolved. The fundamental mission of the SCBCC is to create and promote a climate where minority businesses can operate in a productive and profitable manner.  The SCBCC has served member businesses since 1993, enabling them to prosper through mutual cooperation and support.

 -See our Director's interview with the SCBCC here (advance to 7:32)




Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)


In preparation for the biggest information security event to hit southern California, the Information Security Agency became a member of the ISSA. The event, the 2012 ISSA International Conference was held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA from October 24-27th. The conference was a spectacular collaboration of information security professionals from international, federal, state, and private organizations. 


The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill, and professional growth of its members.


The primary goal of the ISSA is to promote management practices that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources. The ISSA facilitates interaction and education to create a more successful environment for global information systems security and for the professionals involved. Members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries such as communications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, and government.


The ISA is a member of the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and NOVA chapters of the ISSA.






The Stop|Think|Connect campaign is a national public awareness campaign aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and more secure online. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. We each have to do our part to keep the Internet safe. When we all take simple steps to be safer online, it makes using the Internet a more secure experience for everyone.


The Information Security Agency has partnered with the Stop|Think|Connect information security awareness campaign championed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. By partnering with the STC initiative, the ISA has been able to keep abreast of current trends as it relates to information security awareness. Stop|Think|Connect has published many aids in the fight to protect americans from the threats that exist on the internet. Many of these aids come in the form of hand outs, pamphlets, and posters. They have been used by the Information Security Agency during the 'Is Your Child Safe Online???' and  'Is Your Business Cyber Safe???' lecture series.


You and your company can become a partner of this campaign and help foster a more aware environment in your workplace or organization. Just click here to receive the monthly newsletter. It will keep you informed of the latest trends, actions to take, and contacts that will help you become safer online.


If you want more detail, the ISA is available to come to you. We can provide you and your staff with a detailed sit down on child safety online, or how to keep your business cyber safe.